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Pros and Cons of Clarisonic

by Clarisonic Best Price Review

Pros and Cons of Clarisonic Pro Skin Care Cleansing System

I have used the Clarisonic Pro for over 3 years and I continue to use it every day (twice a day).

The following is my personal experience and Clarisonic Review of the Clarisonic Pro Facial Cleansing System.

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  • The timer is a handy feature that ensures that you don’t concentrate too long or too little on one area.  You can also use the timer for “spot” treatments on areas when you see or feel a blemish coming on.
  • It is waterproof. This makes it so convenient to use inthe shower or in the bath. Ultrasonic vibrations work best when in the presence of water, so make sure the surface of your skin is wet.
  • The sample cleansers that come with the clarisonic are pretty nice, but you can use any cleanser that is appropriate  for your skin and it will be fine with the clarisonic.
  • I purchased the PRO version of Clarisonic and it has variable speed settings. This is really great for adjusting to your skincare needs. When I first got my clarisonic I used the lower setting and then over time increased it gradually as my skin could handle it. If you turn red you are using to high or intense of a setting, so just turn it down and increase it gradually over time.
  • My skin looks so much better and feels so much softer after I use the Clarisonic. I have a youthful glow and my skin as a brightness it did not have before.
  • My skin absorbs my face creams, ointments and lotions much better and evenly. The daily gentle exfoliation that the Clarisonic provides really helps!

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  • It may seem a bit large and heavy but it really isn’t.  Dimension of the Clarisonic Pro are 2.5 x 3 x 7 inches  and it weight 1.6 pounds.  It seems pretty light to me – and I use it every day – twice a day. I think you will get used to the weight of it the more you use it and it will seem light to you.
  • Travel considerations:  You may need to also pack the charging unit because if you don’t you will be sorry if it runs out of juice. If you don’t take the charger you can probably get 7 days of use (using it twice a day) IF it has a FULL charge when you leave home.  Trust me, you WILL want to take the clarisonic with you on trips or vacations – it  just cleanses so well and makes your face look and feel so good  – I never want to wash my face without it.  It is addictive!
  • Expensive. So yes, it may seem expensive to buy a clarisonic. But the more I use the clarisonic and experience the daily gentle exfoliation I can easily see how I can avoid more expensive salon treatments like microdermabrasion. Also my skin care products are more easily absorbed into my skin and I find myself using less of them than in the past. So I am actually saving money on creams and anti-aging ointments. And my skin has never looked or felt better. Every day I am amazed at how soft and supple and youthful my skin looks – truly!
  • Replacement brushes can seem expensive too but you can easily find really good deals – here is where you can find the lowest prices on clarisonic replacement brushes.
  • Some folks say that the flat face brush and the flat body brush don’t work that well around tight contours of your body such as around the nose. This has NOT been the case for me. The brush easily cleans around tight contours….you just hold the clarisonic in a way that accesses every part of  your face or body. Easy!
  • The replacement brush is supposed to last 3-4 months.  However you may find you want to replace it more often if it gets to looking worn or gray in color. So you will want to consider the cost of that. To me the cost is negligible because the benefits I get and the healthy glow on my face is SO worth it!

For me after reviewing the Pros and Cons of the Clarisonic and especially after experiencing it myself –  the Positives about the clarisonic facial cleanser system totally outweigh the CONS.

You could not talk me out of using my clarisonic every day twice a day from now on.  My skin and complexion just looks and feels so much better than before.

Please Note: This Pro and Con list is my personal review of the Clarisonic PRO version of the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System and I recommend that one for sure because of the variable speed settings and more options.

Clarisonic Brush Heads – Lowest Price

by Clarisonic Best Price Review

Clarisonic Brush Heads Lowest Price

I have tzone skin….meaning my face is dry except for around my nose where it gets shiny / oily throughout the day even though I wash it morning and night.

I got the Clarisonic because the lady that works at my dermatologist’s office would not stop RAVING about how it made her skin look so much better (she is 50 yrs old). She also told me how to get the Clarisonic at a discount here.

When you get your clarisonic it will probably come with a few cleansers. I have tried the little sample cleansers and they are ok.

But what you need to know is that you can use ANY cleanser product with your Clarisonic.

I use Obagi Cleanser. But you can use whatever cleanser works best for you and your type of skin with your Clarisonic Skin Care Cleanser Brush.

Clarisonic really is gentle if you use the lower settings.

What I like about the Clarisonic Pro is that you have 5 different power settings (gentle all the way up to SPA level or stronger exfoliation) so you can start gentle and as your skin gets used to the gentle daily exfoliation you can later increase the power of the brush and your skin adapts perfectly.

Clarisonic Brush Heads only need to be replaced every 3-4 months. Or when you see them wearing down a bit.

You will know when to change the brush head on your Clarisonic. Just like you know when to change your toothbrush. :)

You have quite a few options with your Clarisonic Brush Head when you buy the replacement – See them all here

You can get the “Sensitive” brush head (white), the “Normal” brush head (gray) or the “Delicate” brush head (blue) or the deep pore brush which is MY favorite!  Delicate is ideal for ultra sensitive, delicate skin and effective for use with rosacea and acne prone skin.


My original Clarisonic Pro came with the WHITE brush head (Sensitive) shown here and it worked perfectly for me when I first started using the clarisonic






But now I really love the deep pore cleansing  brush shown below- it deep cleans and exfoliates and give my face a beautiful glow. It really cleans my skin and keeps it clear.






If I had very sensitive skin though, I would get the BLUE Brush Head for Clarisonic.

What I love about the Clarisonic and has me hooked on using it day and night (and it travels with me on trips) is that it so very gently cleans my skin and makes it so smooth and beautiful. I am in my mid 40s and my skin is definitely starting to change due to my age. But I can honestly say that the Clarisonic has given my skin a more youthful glow.

So if you need Replacement Brush Heads for your Clarisonic….I found the best prices here

And if you want to know more about the clarisonic and read a lot more reviews click here



Here are just a few of the many positive reviews from clarisonic users:

This Clarisonic facial brush is amazing. It’s worth the money for sure.

So save your money ladies and invest in one. My skin feels and looks fabulous. I look forward to washing my face every night because of this brush.

As for wrinkles it states after 16 weeks you will see an improvement.

I’ve had my clarisonic for a few weeks now and I’ve already noticed a slight difference in my wrinkles. Yay! I LOVE this brush!


This is a product that will never leave my skin care regimen. Is gentle enough to be used everyday, it cleans up my face in a way I have never felt before and it doesn’t leave my skin dry at all. I use to have a lot of little white bumps on my chin area but ever since I started using Clarisonic thet’re gone! Pricy but very well worth the money.


I have only been using this for a couple of weeks now and I already see a difference. My skin feels smoother and softer. My pores look smaller and the small blackheads that I used to have on my nose and chin are gone. LOVE IT!


I just love the Clarisonic skincare brush. It cleanses and exfoliates and has made my skin look great. My doc told me I had the skin of a 12 year old!! I think I even look good without makeup. I agree with the lady who said in an emergency she’d grab her Clariisonic toothbrush and her Clarisonic skincare brush.


A must for the over 50 crowd! Wonderful for refining & minimizing pores & lines

I resisted purchasing the Clarisonic for over six months-mostly due to the cost, but also because I didn’t think it would live up to the hype. Then my hormones went into menopause overdrive causing insidious daily breakouts and oiliness. Nothing worked.

I purchased the Clarisonic about 2 months ago and my skin looks great! My pores are refined, lines minimized (really) and the tone and texture of my skin is so much improved I only use a light tinted moisturizer. And NO breakouts!! I am very pleased with the product and highly recommend.


I love love LOVE this clarisonic skin care brush system!

I have had acne since I was 15 and I’m now 22.
After using this for a few weeks I noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin. My skin tone is more even, my blackheads less noticeable (especially on my huge pores on my nose) and I can use less of my products on my face because they absorb better.
One thing I love is that my acne scars (pock marks, really, I was lucky to not have the huge deep scars) seem much lighter, which is great as I found myself using twice as much concealer (I use bareMinerals, which I love!) just to cover my scars.

I still get hormonal and stress related breakouts but they’re getting to less of an issue unless it’s the trifecta of skin no-nos: hormones, stress, and sleeping without taking your make up off (even if it’s bareMinerals I still think it best to take everything off and wash your face before bed).

I know this is an expensive product but it is SO worth it.

It has made my skin SO much better and I just love everything about it! It took me a while to switch the timer and intensity but I just fiddled with it for a while and now it works just the way I want it to.

I recommend this to everyone, even if you don’t really have acne, it just improves your skin.


I have been using this for 3 months now with Philosophy foaming cleanser and saw a huge improvement in my skin’s clarity and vitality.

I found this Clarisonic online for a lower price here, so I did not buy from Sephora.

When I stop using the Clarisonic, my skin breaks out more frequently and the blemishes do not heal as quickly.

This also helped with the blackheads and congested pores in my t-zone.


I already had pretty decent skin but this brush has still improved it. The “ruddiness” in my cheeks is completely gone, which has made my complexion more even overall.

I also notice a huge improvement in how my moisturizers and lotions soak in; it really feels like my skin is absorbing them instead of them just sitting on the surface.

I use it once a day about five days a week with a normal brush on the second speed setting, with Clinique liquid face soap. This is a great investment.


Clarisonic is a must own by any woman interested in deep cleaning her skin every morning and evening. Love the way my skin feels, take it with me everywhere, even camping.